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From the company's headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland – to the feet of self proclaimed sneakerhead – Roger Federer – you will soon be able to shop ON at We Are EGG from 1 May 2022 instore and online. 


The crossover from performance to lifestyle 

From its entry into the footwear market in 2010, ON has since become the fastest growing footwear brand in the world. But what exactly sets this trainer apart from its competitors? The brand’s distinctive CloudTec®. This eye catching technology has since become as recongnisable as Nike’s swoosh and Adidas’ three stripes. Identified by their unusual and unique soles, it’s the feeling of stepping into the shoe that gets all customers running back for more.  

Traditionally reared towards performance running shoes, ON has adapted to the demands of their consumers by moving towards a more lifestyle and athleisure orientated market space. Their attentiveness to comfort and technology is what has propelled ON to top tier status within a highly saturated market.



What is CloudTec®? 

Look at (almost) any ON shoe. Those little elements underneath? They are called Clouds. CloudTec® is all those tiny elements formed into one outsole. The Clouds compress as you land to form a flat surface, then rapidly expand as you lift-off. They do this independently and as a complete unit to create soft landings and explosive take-offs.  

Each time your foot lands on any surface it creates force, or energy. Usually, this energy would be lost or sent back into your leg – which can cause injury. To counter this, CloudTec® is designed to harness this energy then use it to boost your take-off as you drive forward.  

That bouncy Cloud-like feeling? That’s great energy return. Your muscles work less to go at your usual speed, maintaining momentum as you walk, jog, run, dance and bless your feet with the comfort of your newly purchased ON shoes. 


Head on over to We Are EGG at Cavendish Square, Cape Town, to try on the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear – your feet will thank you later. 

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